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Central, East and West Macedonia, Epirus and Thessaly lay in the North Greece.

Central Macedonia is the most visited region in Greece keeping ancient, paleochristian and byzantine monuments, some of which are included into the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. Its capital is Thessaloniki, which will be the European Youth Capital in 2014. Edessa is an ancient city and a center of water sports.

Hotels of Central Macedonia offer accommodation and services for any taste and budget, take care of families with children and people with special needs. They lay close to historical monuments and all transport hubs. Beach hotels guarantee the cleanliness of their beaches and offer different sport activities.

The region of East Macedonia and Thrace is in the northeastern part of Greece and is full of mountain forests, lakes and lagoons. Many rare species live here under protection. So you have a choice to observe the wild life, visit places of historical and religious importance or stay on a blue-flagged beach. Hotels have from 1 to 5 stars, a corresponding level of comfort and friendly service are guaranteed.

West Macedonia has two National Parks and 11 areas of immense nature not including historical and religious places of interest. It is also the ideal destination for mountain tourism. Eco-friendly hotels let you relax in a calm surrounding for reasonable prices.

Epirus is a region where the oldest ancient Greek oracle of Dodona existed, the Acheron flew and Alexander’s mother was born. Pearls of the region are summer resorts perfectly combining the mountains and the sea. Their hotels offer you distinctive holidays full of unique activities, for example, bird watching or paragliding, excursions and impressions.

The battle between Titans and Olympians was in Thessaly, in Homer’s “Odyssey” it appears as Aeolia. Today its hotels let you enjoy peaceful accommodation in luxury or cheaper rooms and excursions to natural and historical treasures.
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